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Edica-Intrim is an Indian focused partnership integrating former ADL, Andersen and KSA Technopak partners with world class skills and a deep understanding of India. We participate in all industrial, service and government sectors. Our clients include both major Indian and Western corporations in each of these sectors.


Edica-Garnett and Sinodata have a strategic alliance focused on the energy, chemicals and process industries. This relationship predates the formation of Edica-Garnett, reflecting a nearly 20 year relationship between Mr. Kalton and Sinodata's principal Mr. David Jiang. This alliance focuses on energy, chemical and process industry market evaluations, channel analyses, strategic positioning of multinationals, joint venture and M&A evaluations, site selection and government policy issues. Sinodata is based in Beijing.

Edica-Garnett and HCA Consulting are building a strategic alliance focused on supporting strategic growth, globalization, market entry and M&A dud diligence projects in China for NA, EU and Indian clients. Together, the alliance addresses China's industrial and chemical/plastics markets within a business environment that is evolving as China's economy matures and must find ways to co-exist effectively in a globalizing economy. This requires local market and competitive intelligence, abilities to conduct timely, insightful research, both top down and bottom-up, and to deliver reliable insights and clear strategic advise. HCA is based in Beijing with a network that extends to Hong Kong and Singapore.


Edica-Garnett and Occient International have a strategic alliance focused on assisting Western companies across multiple industries (non-process industries) develop China strategies, address management issues, pursue M&A, JV and due diligence related activities, perform feasibility and site selection studies and orchestrate outsourcing initiatives. Together we work in industries ranging from industrial products to consumer products, electronics, environmental and financial services. Occient is Beijing based and is composed of both Westerners and Chinese, many of which have advanced business degrees. The group has operating company, investment banking and business consulting experience.

Edica-Garnett and The Beijing Axis have a strategic alliance focusing on assisting Western companies effectively enter the China market and Chinese firms to enter foreign markets.  The Beijing Axis is a China-focused international advisory firm operating in four principal areas: Commodities, Capital, Procurement and Strategy. The firm operates in and provides services across various sectors, with a core focus on the MINING, RESOURCES, INDUSTRIAL and ENGINEERINGsectors. With EGP, Beijing Axisprovides solutions to international firms as they act in unfamiliar territory in China/Asia, and to Chinese/Asian firms as they venture out and ‘go global.’