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R&D Project Portfolio Optimization

Optimal value is created in an integrated innovation process by selecting and doing the right set of projects that meets a corporations financial, strategic and technology imperatives. Edica-Garnett Partners, uses a risk sensitized optimization model that considers these three imperative dimensions, compares all the possible project outcomes and frames them against both manpower and budget constraints.

 The value of using the Edica-Garnett optimization model for R&D project decision making is significant:
  • Achieves higher ROI and better performance versus strategic objectives, business metrics and KPIs
  • Making the right decisions on R&D investments and delivering greater revenues and/or earnings
  • Making better decisions, facilitates the flow of innovative ideas, while creating a more efficient screening process
  • Creates a neutral and objective system¬†for evaluating projects proposed by larger and smaller business units.
  • Allows for reconsideration of strategic projects that may not have been fully appreciated when "doing it by the numbers".
  • By employing this "user friendly" EXCEL spreadsheet based approach, the process of selecting projects and monitoring, evaluating and communicating results and their implications becomes an embedded corporate process rather than another unused program.