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Edica-Garnett Partners

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Edica-Garnett Partners helps clients identify and quickly deliver critical and tangible business results. We work closely and collaboratively with our clients in defining more effective business models and creative strategies that include the implementation plans that make strategies tangible and successful. When required, we work with our clients to improve their operational performance and organizational effectiveness that are key to robust strategy implementation.
Our strategy assistance includes corporate business portfolio strategies, organic growth strategies, global entry and positioning, competitive product and technology strategies, M&A and venture targeting, structuring and integration.
Our operations practice focuses on making companies more effective and competitive, while reducing costs to improve bottom line performance.
Our innovation support starts with building a focused technology strategy clearly aligned with the business strategy with well defined technology platforms and a robust pool of potential R&D projects. Innovation support is composed of a methodical process to identifying "big hit" innovation targets and an optimization process that addresses both IP and project selection. The latter is composed of processes and tools which allow our clients to optimize around financial, strategic and technology imperatives, while addressing the reality of skilled manpower constraints.